Monday, November 25, 2013

iron man + captain america

pierce and kate. 
you two are too much sometimes.
it's because you are the same person.
just one a boy and one a girl.
so very thankful God gave you each other.
and thank you kate for indulging pierce by playing superheroes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

our tiny dancer.

oh sweet stella. 
our little tiny dancer.
our ballerina to be exact.

sister started dance a couple of weeks ago.
and she loves it.
i mean, talks about it all time.
she lives for saturday mornings.

and i just think she might be the cutest little ballerina. ever.

Friday, November 08, 2013


last weekend justin and i headed out to the lake.
and it was just what we needed.
a little time away from the big city.
good food.
perfect weather.
sleeping in.
great company.
this time of year is just so busy.
from halloween to new years.
don't get me wrong, it is my favorite time of year.
i love it.
but it is so busy.
and being able to start november on a slower pace....
was, well, perfect.
i never realize how stressed/worked up i am until i am away from it all.
pierce's birthday, halloween, work, grad school, etc.
it is just a lot.
and while i know that God has so perfectly designed my journey, my story, sometimes it makes me tired.
as thanksgiving approaches and i reflect on this past year and all that i am thankful for so many things come to mind.  
God has continue to bless me with wonderful Godly women to "do life with."
some i see more often than others.
two special ones leave too far away.
and others are constant source of encouragement - even if i don't see them as much.
i am so very thankful for the part they each play in my life.
they make my heart happy and my smile full.
and my family.
where do i start?
a hubby that loves me unconditionally.
and loves me so well.
he is my perfect match.
and my sweet pierce and stella.
oh my.
they are my little world.
and my parents.
and sister.
and brother in law.
i am so thankful for how God has placed His hand on our family and so delicately perfected our stories together.  i love these people so much.
and my in-laws.
sister in law and brother in law included.
i am so thankful for them.
i am thankful for a job a love.
a job that i feel called to do.
even on the hard days.
thankful for the 105 students i get to love on each day.
i am thankful for grad school.
even though at times it wears me out.
i love learning.
(i am such a teacher.)
most importantly, i am thankful for my savior.
for His gift of salvation.
for His grace and mercy.
for His forgiveness.
i pray that i am able to share His love to others.
that i show pierce and stella who Jesus is through my actions.
and that through this next season, i am able to slow down each day to spend time with Him.
to reflect on all that He has done for me.
and to share His love with others.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

halloween night

trick or treating is so much with kids. 
we aren't crazy halloween celebrating people, but you all know that my kids love to dress up.
so basically, we love halloween.

this year we trick or treated in the hamilton's neighborhood.
and it was awesome.
kids everywhere.
people sitting out on their porch just waiting with their candy.
i love it.

stella and camryn, both cinderella
all the kids.

a quick candy break.