Friday, March 29, 2013

easter egg hunts at school

pierce and stella both easter egg hunts today at school.
they both loved finding the eggs and putting them in their basket.
and i think they were both slightly disappointed they didn't get to eat any of the candy.  :)

little missy loves her daddy.
look at her just admiring him....melt my heart.

and our peanut was off.
hard to get a pic of him running wild.

Monday, March 25, 2013

a BIG girl weekend

well our little missy is offically a BIG girl.
she's now in panties and a big girl bed.
maybe it wasn't the most ideal to make both big changes on the same weekend, but she handled them both like a champ.
her teachers at school said she was ready to be potty trained, so we bought the panties.
and pawpaw was in town and helped daddy convert the crib = a big girl bed.

since they had been working at school with the whole potty thing, that change was pretty easy.  she has even worn panties out to dinner twice and all day at church on sunday.  so, we are pretty set there.  still have to remind her to go, but she does.
and her big girl bed....
i didn't have a mattress or sheets, but i quickly found some stuff.
she loves the little pink and green ladybugs.
we are 2 nights and 2 naptimes down and i can say she has transitioned well.
i can't believe my littlest love is in a big girl bed...

the Celtics came to town.

the Celtics were in town on Friday night.
and guy's night was extra special because PawPaw joined the fun.
everyone (including little missy) put on their green to cheer on the Celtics.

3 generations of McCord boys.
sweet Stella just couldn't handle not being a part of all the fun.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a trip to the zoo.

to expereince the zoo from the eyes and amazement of a child is priceless.
my parents, sister, and i took the kids on saturday.
and we are still talking about the animals that we saw.
the kids loved it.
(and i did, too.)
(yes, there is one extra child in that picture...luke's best friend, emerson, went with us.)

sweet cousins.
and what a sweet relationship they have.

Monday, March 18, 2013

spring weather.

the spring weather has arrived in texas. 
and at times, it is almost warmer than spring. and really windy.
perfect for outdoor playing.
this week was spring break.  and i loved it.  
the kids went to school on tuesday and thursday, but the other days we were in major play mode.
our favorite thing to do on spring break is play with our friends.  it gives us a taste of what is to come in just a few short weeks - summer!
on friday, we headed up to a park to play with kate and brynlee.
they had a great time running, swinging, sliding, and playing together.