Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fishing Buddy or a Husband? I go at my first attempt to blog! I know I won't be near as entertaining as Justin, but I will try not to disappoint!

So, it appears that our little McNugget is already set. He already has a fishing buddy or She already has a husband. Let me explain...

On Monday, we were at Plano Presby for sweet little Brady Leach's birth. (Which I want to pause and thank God for such a sweet little boy. I am blessed to be his "JoJo.") As Justin and I were in the waiting room with the Cooks and the Leaches, we began talking with Dixie and Darlene. We were talking about our little McNugget and how everything was going for us so far. The next thing I knew, we were planning an arranged marriage for Brady and little girl McNugget. It was said that it would definitely be the "Wedding of the Century!" So, if we are having a little girl, she is already "spoken for."

Now about the fishing buddy. Justin and I have a 3 1/2 year old nephew, Will. As Justin's sister was explaining to him about his new cousin, he voiced his opinion about wanting a boy cousin. When Justin's sister asked why Will's response was, "So, me and dad, UJ (Justin) and the baby, and PawPaw can all go fishing." Now, to our knowledge Will hasn't been fishing yet, but we love that he is already planning fishing trips with his boy cousin.

So whether the little McNugget is a boy or girl, he/she already has plans!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News

Let there be life.

McNugget McCord due Nov 11, 2008.

Yes, this changes everything, and we couldn't be more excited. One of the first changes is that this area (blog-i-verse) will now be commandeered by Joanna, as she looks to express her infinite and oh-so-preggerrific wisdom.

As for me, a pioneer of blogging (since circa April 2005), I'm moving... I've got a new hideout in a place over the rainbow. Come visit.

So, in keeping the main thing the main thing, let me close our time together by just simply saying this:

Lookout playground, you just got a lot more awesome.