Wednesday, May 29, 2013

memorial day weekend

our friends, matt and jocelyn, invited us our her parent's lake house for memorial day weekend. it was a perfect combination of fun and relaxing. there is something to just being out at the lake - it is peaceful and fun all wrapped up in one. our kids loved it out there - they love the freedom to run around in their swimsuits and to have no actual plans.  it was a perfect beginning to summer.

pierce and justin were up early both mornings ready to fish
so excited.  can't stand it.
pierce's catch of the morning.
an upset sister because she couldn't get a fish.  so dramatic.
evie and stella spent lots of time playing with dolls and strollers.

a little lake swim time.
my boys.
the girls.
love her so much.
captain pierce
our family of 4.
so very thankful.
what a perfect weekend.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the dentts in dallas

our sweet friends, the dentts, were in town a couple weeks ago. it was a fast and furious visit - they were here for julie's sister's graduation - but we were so thankful for our time together and the opportunity to finally meet their little one, nathan. we enjoyed some yummy meals, some serious playtime, and some sweet fellowship after the kids were in bed.  i am so thankful for these 'forever friends.'

splash park.

last week after school, we headed up to a splash park in allen for a little water fun. 
the kids loved running around in the water and it made me soooo ready for summer.
just 8 more alarm clocks, but who is counting?!?!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Conversation with Pierce

My little guy, Pierce, pulls at my heart strings in so many ways. I just can't get enough of him. He's so big and seems to get bigger each day. 

So, here is a sweet conversation we had tonight. For memory's sake.

P: Mom, when I get big I want to live in Harper and Sydney's old house. (across the street from our current home)

M: Why do you want us to move across the street?

P: No mom, not us. Just me and my wife when I get married.

M: Oh, so you want to live by me forever? 

P: Yes. I'm gonna marry a girl when I am 17. But I don't know who yet. 

M: That's why we pray for her, so God can get y'all ready.

P: I'm gonna get my girl, get married, and then go home. When we get home, I am going to take a shower, watch a little bit of the real Capitan America, and then we'll come over and see you.

M: Sounds like a great plan.

Oh this boy. He does so many things that make my hair turn gray, and yet his sweet little heart amazes me. Thankful that I get to be his mommy. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

girls night.

this past weekend, i enjoyed a little 'stay-cation' with some of my favorites.  we headed over to the marriott hotel at the shops of legacy.  we enjoyed some sun by the pool while having some good girl chats.  after the pool, we headed up to get ready for a dinner out.  sleeping in on sunday was a bonus and the brunch that morning was so yummy.  i am so thankful for these sweet friends and our time together.  i am already looking forward to our next time!
janet didn't get to stay the night, but she surprised us at the pool for a quick visit and some yummy cookies!

                   dinner at cru, a wine bar.

                             sweet friends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

tee-ball season.

Pierce's first tee ball game of the season was last weekend. Stella and I had fun in the bleachers cheering for #7. And watching daddy coach. 

mothers day

thankful for my mom and these two little ones that made me a mom. they mean the world to me.