Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Special Treat

There have been lots of changes around our house with us getting prepared for little Pierce. Duncan hasn't know exactly what to think about all the new things/gadgets that we keep bringing home. He has been really good about just sniffing all the new stuff and not taking any of it. So to help him alleviate his high stress, we thought we would give him a special treat.

Duncan loved playing around with the peanut butter jar. Can't you tell?

And a little update on Pierce...
Today marks our 6 week countdown! I can't believe we are that close. After a few fabulous showers, we are set with all sorts of great stuff. We are in the process of washing clothes, organizing, and decorating the nursery. We will post some pictures as soon as we get a little more organized. I did have a doctor's appointment yesterday, and all is well with Pierce. I am measuring a week small, which my doctor says is of no concern, but we do get a sonogram at our next appointment in 2 weeks. We are really excited about getting to see Pierce one more time until we get see him face to face!

And to add to the excitement-the Celtics opened training camp this week. Justin is planning on getting up early on Saturday to buy our Mavs/Celtics tickets so we can take Pierce to his first NBA game in early February!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Puffy Feet

I have seen those books before about cute little kid quotes. They are always so funny to read. Today I feel like I could add a quote to one of those books.

This morning during reading, I had my class gathered around me so I could read them a story. Right before I started the book, I heard a small little gasp. I look down to one of my sweet little girls. In her most concerned 4th grade voice she said, "Oh no, Mrs. McCord. Your feet are getting all puffy."

I had good laugh and explained to her that it was all because of being pregnant.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Bed to Sleep In....

Pierce's furniture has arrived and he now has a place to sleep. After a couple of days of figuring out where we wanted the bed and the dresser, we finally agreed on were it should go. Then this weekend, Justin and I went and bought some baby detergent to wash the sheets so we could put the bedding on the bed. I actually fell asleep while the sheets were washing on Saturday night and woke up early on Sunday morning to get the bed together. I was really anxious to see what it would all look like. Here are a couple pictures of the bed and one of the dresser that we will use a changing table.

We love the way the bedding looks in bed. We can't wait to have our little man sleeping in the room next to ours! Now we are working on some projects to tie the room together. I will be sure to post those pictures when we get them complete.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

10 Weeks and Counting....

Well, according to my pregnancy weekly emails, I only have 10 more weeks (there about) until Pierce's arrival. I am just so excited! Here is a picture of my '10 more weeks belly'
I am feeling great and am really enjoying this stage of pregnancy. I can feel Pierce a lot more and Justin can even see him move around in my belly. I think that it so cool that we can actually see my belly move! Lots of people told me about this, but it is really neat to experience it!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Pierce's furniture comes in! I am so ready to start putting his room together! Justin will be working from home in the morning as he anxiously awaits the delivery man. He is even more excited because we paid the extra fee to have them set it all up! All of our IKEA purchases did him in when we first moved into the house so he is ready to have someone else put some furniture together for him. I promise to post some pictures of the furniture and bedding as soon as I get a chance!