Wednesday, October 30, 2013


five. years. ago.
how has it been that long already?

pierce turned five today.
i can remember october 30, 2008 like it was yesterday.
it was a thursday.
i worked all day.
and didn't feel right.
didn't eat lunch.
felt swollen.
i went in for a sonogram check-up.
and left with the directions to meet my doctor at the hospital.
i cried.
i had to teach school on friday.
but God had different plans.
i was going to have a baby that day.
justin and i went home to get (and pack) our bags.
and drove to the hospital.
is it weird that i remember what i was wearing that day??
sweet words of encouragement from family, friends, and coworkers got me through the next few hours as we waited for the c-section to happen at 9pm
i was poked with lots of needles.
i had to take a huge pill with little water.
my mom and sister were there - my dad was out of town.
becky was there - telling me that i was going to be ok.
she had a c-section a few months before me.
i remember all of these little details like they were yesterday.
and yet they were five years ago.
dr webster met me in the operating room at 9pm.
and at 9:11pm i heard the sweetest sound.
pierce's little cry.
he was here.
i watched as justin took him in.
everything about him was perfect.
and he made it before halloween.  :)
my sweet pierce.
my first born.
after waiting for what seemed like forever, he was put in my arms.
it was amazing.
we were now a family of three.
five years ago.
five years.
that is half a decade.
flash forward to now.....
pierce is so many things.
he is loud.
he is funny.
he is imaginative.
he is creative.
he loves to play.
he loves soccer.
he loves to learn.
he loves his friends.
he loves superheroes.
he is a superhero.
he is an amazing big brother.
he is sweet.
he is caring.
he is a night owl.
he is not a morning person.
and yet he wakes up early every day.
he is a snacker.
he loves apples.
and bananas.
and cheese.
he loves to move.
he is never still.
he loves to wrestle.
he is a leader.
he is energetic.
he is thoughtful.
he still sleeps with his dude.
he is so many things.
so many wonderful things.
he isn't perfect...believe me...but he is perfect for our family.
he adds so much.
and most importantly, he is our five year old.
while i still can't believe he is five....
five years old....
he is all ours.
and for that we will forever be grateful.
happy birthday, peanut.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

our football player.

he wears the full uniform.
gloves and cleats included.
and even tucks a towel in his pants.
he keeps score.
he runs.
he kicks.
he throws.
he tackles.
he has a touchdown dance perfected.
he IS a football player.
our football player.

Monday, October 21, 2013

baylor homecoming

saturday morning we got up super early.
like before the sun was up.
and headed south on I35 to waco. 
to baylor.
to celebrate homecoming.
and it was so. much. fun.
we hadn't been since i was pregnant with stella and i am so glad that we went back this year.

we were able to go with some of our dearest friends (and fellow baylor bears), the leaches.
the kids were all snuggled up waiting for the parade.

the parade was fun.
stella and charlotte watched the whole thing.
the boys watched most of it.
i think the girls were just interested in getting the candy.  :)

their favorite part of the parade was getting to see mr. murphy.

loved getting to catch up for just a bit with one of my college roommates, heather.
the family.
after a fun lunch at ninfas and some shopping at spice, we headed back to campus.
the kids ran around and had a great time just playing.

my favorite picture of the day.
such sweet friends.
so thankful.