Monday, October 21, 2013

baylor homecoming

saturday morning we got up super early.
like before the sun was up.
and headed south on I35 to waco. 
to baylor.
to celebrate homecoming.
and it was so. much. fun.
we hadn't been since i was pregnant with stella and i am so glad that we went back this year.

we were able to go with some of our dearest friends (and fellow baylor bears), the leaches.
the kids were all snuggled up waiting for the parade.

the parade was fun.
stella and charlotte watched the whole thing.
the boys watched most of it.
i think the girls were just interested in getting the candy.  :)

their favorite part of the parade was getting to see mr. murphy.

loved getting to catch up for just a bit with one of my college roommates, heather.
the family.
after a fun lunch at ninfas and some shopping at spice, we headed back to campus.
the kids ran around and had a great time just playing.

my favorite picture of the day.
such sweet friends.
so thankful.

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