Monday, June 16, 2014

2508 Winfield Drive.

2508 winfield.
our first house to own.
the house that we brought both pierce and stella home to.
the house that saw many tears. and many more happy days.
the most perfect first house for us.

justin and i started talking about selling our house a little over a year ago.
it took that long for us to both get mentally and emotionally ready to sell it.
and lots of sweat getting it "fixed up" and "show ready," we put it on the market.

within 3 days we had a offer.
the first offer fell through, but the very next day the house was under contract. again.
within 3 weeks we were closing and moving out.

while packing a house up (for 4 months) until our house is done is a little stressful, we managed to get it all done.  but not without the help of both of our families.  

and now we wait for the next closing date.
and until then, we are living in arlington with my parents.

thank you 2508 winfield for being our home for 7 years.