Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 Months (plus one day)

Our little Peanut turned 7 months yesterday.  Since we were gone all day, we took our 7 month pictures today.  

7 month highlights:
  • Eating a vegetable each evening (and he has liked them all)
  • Has started to try to pull himself up - really enjoys standing (with help of course)
  • He loves climbing up you if you are holding him
  • Isn't crawling yet, but does his own version of 'solider crawling' to get places
  • He is quite the little cackler - his little laugh is one of my favorite things about him
  • And he is an overall very happy baby boy

a BIG pool...

Justin and I joined the Plano Rec Center a few weeks ago.  Justin has been able to use their workout facilities on a regular basis, but my main reason for wanting to join was the outdoor pool.  They have a great area for little kids, as well as a big pool with slides and stuff.  So, this afternoon we got all packed up and headed to pool together as a family.  P had so much fun playing in the water and I can definitely assure you that we will be there many days this summer.  

Checking it out...

playing in the big kid pool...

"motor boat, motor boat..."

One Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a very busy, yet very fun day.  We started with an early lunch in Arlington with my family.  

P and Katie

'walking around' with Aunt A

hanging out with Grandma

After lunch we headed to Waco.  We spend the afternoon with Rene.  We loved getting to see her new engagement ring, talking about wedding stuff, and of course playing with little P.  

P with Rene

After spending the afternoon with Rene, we headed to Leslie's wedding.  I went the wedding while Justin stayed with P in car while he slept.  We had a great time at the reception celebrating Leslie and Justin!

P and Nikki

Playing with Mr. Tom, Heather's dad

me and Heather

Nikki, Heather, me, Noelle

me and my peanut

playing with dad's tie

with the bride

the family

a new bath tub

When we were registering for stuff for Pierce, Justin found this blow-up duck bath tub.  To be honest, I thought Justin was a little silly for picking it out, but P loves it!  Since he is sitting up by himself, he loves the 'freedom' of playtime in the bath.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ready for Summer

Yesterday we got out P's little blow-up swim pool.  He had a great time splashing around in it and I have a feeling we will be doing this a lot this summer!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Picnic

A couple of months ago, Justin and I started a new Bible Fellowship class with 3 other couples at Prestonwood.  There had been a need for another 'young families' class and we were so excited when the opportunity presented itself to start this new class - The Vintage Class.  We have been meeting for about 5 weeks now, and are so excited about what God is doing.  We have some old friends in the class and then some new friends.  Today we had our first 'social' - a Memorial Day picnic.  We had a great time together and the weather was beautiful!

P waiting on his friends to arrive

P's favorite form of transportation - rolling.  Trying to get to Brady.

Kendra and Macie

Sweet Kate...trying so hard to crawl

Anna and Caleb with the dog, Shadow

P's first time swinging - he loved it!

swinging with Kate

Kate's big smile!

Macie (and Pierce) swinging together

our family

Caleb playing a little game of "Peek-a-boo"

Moms and Kids
Dads and kids

P was worn out when we left...