Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pierce's 1 Month Birthday

I can't believe that little P is already one month old! It seems like just yesterday we were in Dr. Webster's office and she was telling us that we were going to have him that day. Life is much different than one month ago, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Justin, Duncan, and I are loving our new addition to our family.

Pierce has changed so much in one month. He is more attentive and alert. He responds to noise and loves his Beatles music. He is a big stretcher and does a half smile like his daddy. He also 'talks' a lot, just like his mom. We see so much curiosity in his eyes and try our best to explain everything to him.

Here are a couple of pictures of little P and his "Pierce Bunny."

Tis the Season

Justin and I have spent the past couple of days decorating our house for Christmas. This is definitely one of my most favorite things to do as a family. I love getting all the stuff out of the attic and spending the time together setting it all out. I especially love having the tree lit in the evenings. Pierce napped the majority of the time while we set things up, but we love showing it all to him when he woke up. He seems to really love all the lights!

Justin in his puffy vest hanging up our outside lights! Pierce went outside really quick to visit Dad!

Dining room table with Baylor tree in the background.

Garland and stocking holders

Duncan's stocking (ours are getting our names on them)

Our Baylor Christmas Tree

Our big Christmas tree

Pierce's First Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we had something extra special to be thankful for...Pierce! We had so much fun celebrating this holiday with him.

We traveled to Sweetwater on Wednesday and were there until Thursday after lunch. Pierce did a great job in the car and had a great time at Gram and PawPaw's house.

Gram and PawPaw with their grandkids

Little P on his tummy

Will and Pierce. Will had such a great time playing with Pierce and was such a great big cousin to play with him. Will did say that he was ready to play soccer with Pierce!

Our little turkey

Our family on Thanksgiving day

After leaving Sweetwater, we headed back east to visit my family in Eastland, Fort Worth, and Arlington.

Pierce and Papa Bert

Pierce and Grandad

Pierce and Duncan with NeNe
Pierce with his Grandma

On Friday, Pierce was so great while we went shopping early in the morning. We figured since we were already up with Pierce, we might as well hit some early shopping spots to get some good deals. After shopping, we went back to my parent's house and hung out with my sister and her husband.

Pierce hanging out with his dad

Tio Jose introducing Champ to Pierce

Aunt Alison and Tio Jose with little P

Hanging out with Aunt Alison

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Sunday at Church

On Sunday, we all loaded up and went to church for the first time in 3 weeks. It was so great to be there and to see everyone and to hear a good message. I got to see my high school girls, which I had missed dearly the past 3 weeks.

Pierce did so good. He is too young to go to the nursery, so he went with us to our class and listened to his dad teach. He slept through the whole lesson but did great. Here is a picture of him all ready to go to church!

Monday, November 24, 2008

An Brillant Idea

Yesterday while out running errands with Pierce, I had a fabulous idea:

A Mommy-friendly Post Office.

You see, I needed to mail some long overdue thank you cards today and I needed some stamps. So, I had to get Pierce and I out of the car-which is not the easiest thing to do-to buy some stamps. I love having Pierce to run my errands with, but just running into the post office was a quite an ordeal. I had to find a parking spot where I could easily get Pierce out. Then I got him out of the car and carried his car seat into the building-which is so awkward to carry. Then I bought my stamps, put them on my letters, and then mailed them. Then we walked back out to the car and loaded back up. Once we were finally on our way to the next stop, I started thinking. They need a drive through post-office. I know that you can just drive through and drop off stamped letters, but I think they need a drive through where you can zctually buy stamps and such. I told Justin about my idea and he thought it was a great idea. He suggest that I contact my congressman. But since I don't know who my congressman is, I figured I would just share my idea to the blogging world.

Here are a couple pictures of Pierce from after we ran all our errands:

"Where's Pierce?"

This is the question that I woke up to on Monday night around 10:45. Yes, I was woken up at 10:45pm.

Here is what happened...Justin and I had fed Pierce at 10:00 last night and then put him to bed. As usual, I fed Pierce and then Justin swaddled him, turned on his CD, and put him in bed. And I then went to sleep. Justin was still up watching the football game and I clearly remember telling him that he should go to bed, but he wanted to stay up at watch the game. I guess that Justin fell alseep watching the football game and the next thing I know Justin jumps up out of bed and shouts, "Where's Pierce?" He starts looking in the bed and under the covers. Then he runs into Pierce's room to find him peacefully sleeping in his bed. Apparently Justin dozed off while watching the game and was quickly awaken. When he woke up, he had forgotten that he put Pierce to bed and he started freaking out. Needless to say, we have not lost our son-just our minds!

Pierce Loves His


Before Pierce's arrival, Justin and I were not big fans of the sleep sacks. We had a couple that we were given as gifts and decided one night to try them out. Well come to find out, we LOVE them. They definitely make the "middle of the night diaper changes" so easy! The McCord family all agrees that the sleep sacks are very under-rated!

Fun with Cousins...

Last week when Gram (Justin's mom) was in town, Pierce's cousins came over to visit. Pierce had a good time hanging out with Will and Hillary.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

the Weekend Update...

Sorry it has been a few days since I have updated the blog. I use to think that new moms should update each day so we could see their little one, but now I clearly know why they don't update their blog all the time. Time just seems to get away from you when you have a little one around. The past few days have gotten a little easier-not easy, but definitely easier. I think we are in a good little routine and we are starting to understand what is going on. We have been getting out of the house for little bits of time on occasion. It is nice to see the outside world and to know that life is the same outside our house. I went to the doctor on Friday and everything is looking good. I even got the okay to drive. I am so ready to be able to drive the car-just hope I remember how. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I have driven.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. Pierce is already getting 'big.' He doesn't like to be swaddled anymore and his newborn clothes are a good fit now!

Duncan, Mom, and Pierce snuggling together.

Pierce enjoying some college football with his Dad.

Getting all dried off after his bath.

The one picture from bath time where he is not crying.

All ready to go on his first shopping spree. (We only went to two places, but he did great!)

Here we are celebrating my 27th birthday on Wednesday! It was such a special birthday since Pierce was here to celebrate with us!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Due Date

Now I know that many babies aren't born on their actual due date-many are early and some are even late. Today, however, is a special day for me because I remember, like it was yesterday, when my doctor told me on March 31, 2008 that our 'due date' was November 11th-one day before my birthday. I remember thinking how exciting it would be to celebrate my birthday in the hospital with our little one in my arms. As today marks our 'due date' and it also marks 12 days with Pierce here in our arms.

I loved what Justin wrote on the post the night Pierce was born-October 3oth, 2008 was the day God had chosen for Pierce. You see, Justin and I tried for about a year before we learned that we were expecting. That year was a difficult year-but a year in which we learned so much about our great God and His perfect timing. Between tests being run and Justin even having surgery, we continued to lean on God and his perfect timing for our first little one. Now, with Pierce here, all that waiting seems like nothing-it was all totally worth it to have him here in our arms today. God knew what He was doing when he decided that on October 30th, 2008, Pierce Jacob McCord would be born. I love that He is in complete control of everything-and I love that we didn't have to wait til our 'due date' to meet our little one!

Pierce had a couple of visitors today. Our special friends, the McBee family, came by after school to see Pierce. Dana had met Pierce in the hospital, but the kids (Connor, Ryan, and Riley) hadn't had a chance to meet our little Pierce. It was so good to see them today and the kids had a great time taking turns holding Pierce.
Pierce's little friend Macie also came by today for a bit. Macie and Pierce slept the majority of the time they were here, but we did put them together in Pierce's pack-n-play for a quick picture!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Justin had to go back to work today. Pierce, Duncan, and I were very sad not to have him home with us, but we were so thankful for our week together last week. Pierce's Grandma (my mom) is here to hang out and help out around the house for the week. We appreciate all her help so far!

Here are a couple of pictures of Pierce (and Duncan) today.

First Full Weekend at Home...

I can't believe that we have already been home from the hospital for a whole week. This weekend we were able to enjoy it as a family of 4 instead of 3. We had a good time hanging out together.

On Friday night, the Leaches came over for dinner. Brady had a good time getting to know Pierce a little bit better. I can't wait for the day when Pierce is ready to play with Brady(and all of his other little friends).

On Saturday, we enjoyed some quality time together. Here are a couple of pictures from our day just hanging out.

One very funny event from this weekend....

So, in the middle of the night, Justin has been getting up with me when I feed Pierce. Justin goes into Pierce's room and gets him while I am getting ready. The other night, Justin got up and headed to the bathroom before he went to go and get Pierce. The next thing I know I hear him say "Oh No!" very loudly. I asked him what. He proceeded to tell me that he forgot to open the toilet cover and he was peeing on the toilet lid cover. I just kinda laughed it off since it was like 4:00 in the morning, but the next morning when we were talking about it, we decided that it was just a sure sign of sleep deprivation.