Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Elite Eight (months that is...)

Top 8 for the 8th Month...

8.  Pierce has become super silly!  He is very ticklish and loves to laugh.

7.  He continues to army crawl.  However he has gotten very fast!  He has even learned how to crawl up the stair in our entry way.

6.  His sheer determination...if he wants it, he WILL get.  (Like the step in the background.)

5.  Pierce can now get up on his knees all by himself.
4. And he all of sudden has such a fascination with Duncan's toys.

3.  He loves to stand and when he does, he bounces!  (Notice his knees.)

2.  Pierce has a wide variety of facial expressions.  

1.  Everything always goes straight to his mouth - he has even tried some 'finger foods.'

Monday, June 29, 2009

a taste of summer

What says summer better than watermelon?  While in California, we gave Pierce his first taste of watermelon.  He seemed to like them, even going for them while they were in Justin's hand.  He did however make some funny faces while eating the watermelon.

ready for some watermelon

La Jolla Beach

While in San Diego, we enjoyed some time at La Jolla beach.   It was so much fun to watch Pierce play in the sand and try to get the ocean water.  He definitely is a "beach boy." 

P eating beachside

really wanting that water

a sand castle on the beach

all that sun wore Pierce out

Dinner on the Bay in San Diego

On Friday night, Ryan and Julie took us to this really neat restaurant, C Level, on the bay.  The view was fabulous, the food was super yummy, and the weather was perfect.

Friday, June 26, 2009

san diego zoo

This morning we headed to the San Diego zoo with Ryan and Julie and their nephew, Grant, and their niece, Giuliana.  We had a great time seeing all the animals.





hungry hungry hippo

Grant (the funniest 5 year old ever) and Pierce



polar bear

The San Diego Zoo just redid their Elephant Exhibit and it is so neat!  

"That's the daddy elephant."  Grant

all tuckered out...