Saturday, February 28, 2009

Perfect Spot for Duncan

Duncan goes wherever we go, especially when Pierce is awake.  This afternoon we were all hanging out in Pierce's room when Duncan decided to go under Pierce's bed.  He has always loveed to go under our bed, and after we set up Pierce's bed he started going on under it too. 

Here he is standing up under the bed

Found a comfy spot!

Fun with Dad's Hat

This afternoon Justin put his baseball cap on Pierce.  Pierce thought it was so funny; he was smiling the whole time. 

1/3 of a Year Already

Technically Pierce is 4 months on February 30th...but since there is no February 30th, we took his 4 month pictures today.  

Here are some 4 month highlights:
  • Used our last size 1 diaper today!  He is now is wearing 1-2.
  • Pierce's new nickname is the Grape Ape, in honor of his grape flavored reflux medicine
  • He loves to blow bubbles and laugh at funny noises
  • He is totally aware of Duncan and loves to be around him (see pics below)
  • Little P really enjoys storytime each night
  • He is so good at holding his neck up.  He still loves to lay on his tummy and continues to roll-over occasionally.
  • He loves to 'stand up.'

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, Justin and I found the most perfect shirt for little P.  I was ready for Valentine's Day to pass, so Pierce could sport his St. Patty's shirt.  

The McCord McCutie

our little mcnugget

On Sunday, I snapped few pictures of the little man!  He was looking just so precious!  And check out his 'big boy' cords and button-up shirt without a bib on! (Thank you reflux medicine.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

playing with a friend

This afternoon our Bible Fellowship class had a "Game Day."  While the adults had fun watching TV, playing games, and snacking, Pierce and Macie had their own 'game day.'  They were quite entertaining to watch!

Little P

Macie rolling over after Pierce's lead

having fun...

Tummy-time is more fun with someone to look at!

Macie going for Pierce's bib

sweet friends

Mommy's Night Out

On Friday night, I enjoyed a Baylor University tradition with Becky:


We had a fabulous time in Waco(without the boys) watching one of our very most favorite things! We unfortunately missed the first act, which just happened to be the ladies of DDD, but we heard that they were wonderful.  (Looks like we just might have to go to Pigskin in the fall.)  We were pretty impressed with the acts this year.  We definitely act like judges while we watch, of course having opinions about all the acts.  Here are some of my quick recaps:

DDD:  Saw some pics of the costumes and they were super cute!  The story line sounded super cute and I am counting on them to be in Pigskin, possibly even placing.

Phi Chi:  I enjoyed their singing, which is always good.  

ATO:  Cute storyline.

Pi Phi:  I really enjoyed their act.  The girls in 'skeleton' costumes were my favorite part and I think this act will make Pigskin because of this part.

Sigma Chi:  Those boys are out of control....I mean really....animal print togas?

SAE:  I loved all their songs from Top Gun and the rap was really funny.

KKG:  I really liked this act.  The chicks were my favorite part.  Definitely will be in Pigskin and could possibly place.

Theta and Fiji:  Had the potential to be cute.  The opening with the Barbie and Ken boxes were my favorite, the rest kinda fell flat.

ADPi:  Loved the Black and White song and dance!

KOT:  BEST act by far!  Definitely not a typical KOT act, more like Kappa Sig to me, but they did fabulous.  The singing and dancing were excellent.

AChiO:  Cute act, I think could definitely make pigskin.

Sing Alliance:  Much better than expected.  I enjoyed this act.

Kappa Sig:  Besides DDD, this is always the act that I look forward to the most.  With Justin being a Kappa Sig while at Baylor, I have always felt bias toward this group.  They did a great job this year.  I was very surprised to see them in Wranglers and boots (usually a KOT thing) but they pulled it off.  My favorite part was the Rodeo Clowns!  

After Kappa Sigma's act, Becky and I left Waco Hall for  yet another Waco favorite - Ninfa's! We were both able to enjoy a Ninfa-rita and some chips and queso.  

We had a great time!  It was definitely interesting being away from Pierce and Justin overnight, but I did it!  I was actually able to sleep in a bit, which I haven't done since the weekend before October 30th!  We are looking forward to hearing the results next weekend.  Wonder if our predictions will be right?

(Somehow my pictures of the night were deleted of the computer and the camera. :( )  

Spit Happens

Sweet little P has a bit of a spitting problem.  He goes through many bibs, burp cloths, and outfits each day.  We recently took him to the doctor and discussed the things we have been noticing, and the doctor diagnosed with Pierce with reflux.  He is now taking some medicine to help the pain/uncomfortableness associated with reflux and we are hoping it also lowers the amount he spits up. 

Last week (while at Mrs. MaraLee's) Pierce had managed to go through all the clothes that I packed for the day.  Since it was naptime, MaraLee just swaddled Pierce while in only a diaper for his  nap.  He didn't seem to mind at all!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Hurts

After the Dedication service on Sunday, Pierce was hanging out with his friend Macie.  We were trying to get a picture of the little ones, when all of a sudden Macie reached over and grabbed Pierce's face.  Macie is so curious, she just wanted to touch little P.  

Macie grabbing Pierce  

Pierce's reaction to the grab

Sweet Macie making up for the grab by holding Pierce's hand

Macie is such a sweetie and it was totally an accident.  It was actually quite humorous and Pierce's little scratches were gone later in the afternoon.  

Monday, February 16, 2009

in honor of Pierce

The PTA at my school donated a book to our library in honor of Pierce.  Goodnight Moon was the book that was chosen for him; it is a perfect choice since it is one of his favorites!  Here we are together in my classroom looking at the book.