Thursday, January 30, 2014

throwback Thursday.

about a month ago, our dear friends, the Hamiltons, had to go to a funeral and in order to make their trip a little easier, we kept Kate and Brynlee. the 4 of the big kids play so well together and have since they were little. and i love these two girls like they are my own. so of course we had a great time.

pierce and kate wasted no time getting outside.  they used the nerf guns to shoot the birds....needless to say, all the darts were either on the roof or over the fence when it was all said and done.

these two were just content playing together inside.
pajama party

and in order to get everyone asleep without issues, i took the big kids to starbucks while justin put the little girls asleep.

the next morning - and proof that we had survived and everyone was still smiling.

and a chick-fil-a lunch was a must with these friends - it is kinda our thing.  i mean, we do eat there every wednesday before church all together...

so very thankful for these sweet girls and that i got to keep them overnight.  loved loved loved having them at our house.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

better late than never.

we celebrated Stella's birthday with both of our families the day after her birthday. it was the perfect "colliding of our worlds" as justin put it. both families at our house. together.  i wished we did it more often. it is fun. and special. and i love having everyone together.  we failed at getting any pictures of the birthday girl with her grandparents or cousins, but we got a few cute ones of her.  happiest birthday sweet Stella Marie.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

70 degrees in january.

this weather is crazy. 
i mean - 73 degrees on sunday and 32 on monday. 
i don't even understand how it is possible.
however, instead of trying to figure it out - we just enjoy being outside on the beautiful days.
and rest in the fact that the cold days will pass soon enough.

so sunday was gorgeous.
i mean, perfect.
73 degrees.
sun shining.
a slight breeze.

so a football game began.
but not without our resident princess.
and while be the cheerleader on the side was fine at first, she desperately wanted in on the action.
so a player she became.
with her dress and heels.
and brother doesn't care what you have on - football is a contact sport.

Monday, January 27, 2014

in his element.

pierce loves soccer.
really loves soccer.
and he is totally in his element on the soccer field.
and i love that it is his thing.

this season has been indoors.
and lets just say that i love indoor soccer.
it isn't cold. or hot.
and it moves even faster than outdoor.

and our team - the plano rovers - actually knows what they are doing.
which makes it that much more fun.

being a soccer mom is pretty fun.
even at 8am on a saturday morning.

Friday, January 10, 2014


how can it be? 
stella marie is three. 
weren't you just a 5 pound 5 ounce little bitty newborn?
and now.....
you are a princess.
our princess.
three years ago tonight we were in the hospital.
just loving on you - our newest little one.
trying to soak in moments with you.
and to figure you out.
i can honestly say, we still don't always have you figured out, 
but we sure know what makes you tick.
oh sweet stella.....
you are such a girly girl.
and yet you fight as tough as any boy.
you love to pretend.
and dress up.
you never wear less than 3 outfits in one day.
you love to be with your friends.
and you think that your brother is the greatest thing ever.
you don't just walk, you twirl.
you dance everywhere.
you love to move.
you are stubborn and hard headed
and yet your smile is magical.
yes, magical.
it has a way of making everything better.
you love to eat.
you love to snuggle.
you love to color.
you love to go to school.
and one of my favorite things about you is that you love to have mommy/stella days
that of course involve all things girly.
but sweet stella, you are such a daddy's girl.
you have him wrapped around your pinky.
and he would do absolutely anything for you.
you love to play.
you love to laugh.
and you love love love duncan.
you are silly.
and serious.
and outgoing.
and shy.
you are one in a million.
you are a treasure, sweet girl.
you love to be with your friends.
and you are so very special to so many.
and stella, you believe with your whole heart that you are a princess.
and you know what?
you are a princess.
our princess.
and you make each day better just because of you.
we {daddy, mommy, and brother} love you more than you will ever know.
happiest 3rd birthday, princess.