Thursday, January 30, 2014

throwback Thursday.

about a month ago, our dear friends, the Hamiltons, had to go to a funeral and in order to make their trip a little easier, we kept Kate and Brynlee. the 4 of the big kids play so well together and have since they were little. and i love these two girls like they are my own. so of course we had a great time.

pierce and kate wasted no time getting outside.  they used the nerf guns to shoot the birds....needless to say, all the darts were either on the roof or over the fence when it was all said and done.

these two were just content playing together inside.
pajama party

and in order to get everyone asleep without issues, i took the big kids to starbucks while justin put the little girls asleep.

the next morning - and proof that we had survived and everyone was still smiling.

and a chick-fil-a lunch was a must with these friends - it is kinda our thing.  i mean, we do eat there every wednesday before church all together...

so very thankful for these sweet girls and that i got to keep them overnight.  loved loved loved having them at our house.

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