Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A Year in Review

All week long the TV stations have been sharing their favorite highlights of the past year. Although they did get a few of the big ones, I felt as if they were missing some of my favorites. So, here are a couple of my favorite memories from the year:

Oct. 30th - by far the BEST day of the year! Here I am with Pierce for the first time! (And for the record, I would give Pierce the Person of the Year award-not the President Elect.)

Beach time with the Leaches (Brady's birth was also a highlight, but I can't seem to find a picture of him in the hospital.)

One of the Celtics games we went to

Finding out we were having a boy!

The Dentt's...our friends from California

The ever-growing belly...I really loved being pregnant :)

Red, White, and Awesome-Justin's take on the tacky sweater party

There were, of course, many other fabulous memories/moments of 2008 (like Macie's birthday, many dinners with family, holidays, and time spent with best friends). I am excited about 2009 and all that it will bring! So, I am off to ring in the New Year...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Salads on the Sidewalk

The other day, Justin and I had plans to meet up with my friend Kelli from high school. Her and her husband were in town from Boston and they were anxious to meet little Peanut. We were planning on meeting Kelli and John at Starbucks at 2:00. Pierce eats at 1:00 and I really didn't want to have feed him at one place and then get back into the car and drive to Starbucks. Justin-being the genius that he is- had this brilliant idea, Jason's Deli To Go and take it and eat at Starbucks. So, we went to Jason's Deli and took turns going in to make our salads to go. We were both really looking forward to these salads since we had eaten so bad the past couple of days. We drove to Starbucks and when we got there Justin got the diaper bag and Pierce out of the car and told me to get the salads (and the containers that go with them). So, I proceed to get out of the car and walk the 6 feet to the door. I got half way there and this is what happened....

Yes, those are our salads on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks.

Here is Justin with the salads.

So, now with our lunch on the sidewalk, we had to come up with a solution to our lunch problem. So, we bought sandwiches at Starbucks. We spent a total of $30.00 that day on lunches.

Justin and his disgusted look. He was not a huge fan of the turkey sandwich from Starbucks-he definitely didn't think it was worth the $7.00 he had paid for it.

To make matters worse, we had to watch the birds pick at our salads the whole time we were in Starbucks. They kept going for the little pieces of cheese. Justin wanted them to at least enjoy the better vegetables, but they were content with the cheese.

And, everytime someone walked into Starbucks, they looked at the salads and made a comment. There were many people that asked the baristas if they knew that they "had salad on their sidewalk." And each time, Justin and I just snickered to ourselves. It was quite funny!

Although we lost our salads and spend WAY too much money on lunch that day, we did enjoy our visit with Kelli and John.
Kelli, Pierce, and I

2 Months Old....Already

I know I say this a lot, but I really can't believe Pierce is already 2 months old! I just glanced at the clock and realized that exactly 2 months ago from right now, I was about to be wheeled into the operating room. It is amazing how different, yet so perfect, life is now that Pierce is here. Justin and I are completely amazed by him each day. He means the world to us and definitely makes our family of 4 complete!

Little P has changed so much in the 2 short months of his life. Lately, he talks more, is much more alert, loves to lay on his tummy and sit in his bumbo seat, enjoys Duncan company, and has discovered his tongue!

Here are a few pictures of Pierce and Pierce Bunny.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Pierce enjoyed celebrating Grandma's birthday on Sunday. And Grandma enjoyed celebrating with her birthday with her favorite little one!

Little P's Model Pose

According to Justin, Pierce looks like a model in this picture! I am not sure about a model, but I do think he looks precious!

Playdate with Grandma and Grandad

Earlier this week, my mom and dad came over to play with their favorite grandbaby! Pierce had a fun time playing with them!

Can you tell he has them wrapped around his finger?

Grandma and Grandad gave him this cool mirror for Christmas and he loves it! It definitely makes 'tummy time' fun and he enjoys looking at himself.

Friday, December 26, 2008

All Tuckered Out...

After all the Christmas festivities, little P was exhausted! Justin and I went in to wake him up from his morning nap today and he was sleeping so peacefully - and we just couldn't resit taking a picture of him.

Christmas Day Celebration #3

Whoa...this is making me tired just blogging about all of our Christmases. Not sure how we managed to stay awake all day long yesterday-must have been adrenaline! :)

We completed our Christmas Day by celebrating with the McCord's and the Allen's. Pierce had a great time playing with this cousins, Will and Hillary. Here are a couple of pictures from our evening.

Pierce's 1st Basketball Goal

Will showing Pierce how to play with his new tools

Cowgirl Princess Hillary

Santa's Little Elves

Christmas Day Celebration #2

After breakfast we headed over to my grandparent's house. There is never a dull moment over at NeNe and Papa Bert's house when everyone is in town. It was great to have the whole family together.

Uncle Robert

Uncle Harry

Pierce got an Aggie basketball jersey

Aunt Karen

Christmas Day Celebration #1

This year, we woke up on Christmas morning at my parent's house. Santa had of course made a stop by their house to deliver some special gifts for Pierce (and everyone else.) Once again, Justin and I had great time opening Pierce's gifts (and our own) and getting the occasional smile from him.

Our family on Christmas morning

Our two boys with their Tio Jose and Auntie Alison

My new ice cream maker!!

Santa was extra nice to Duncan this year

Sweet baby Pierce

Smiling with his new shirt

Christmas Eve Afternoon/Evening

After celebrating our family Christmas, we loaded up and headed over to my parent's house in Arlington to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.

After we had rested for awhile, we headed over to my mom's parent's house for a quick visit. Although Pierce was completely worn out by this time, he snuggled well with Papa Bert and Nene.

Our Family Christmas

We celebrated our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. We had a great time as a family of 4 together. Although Pierce didn't know what was going on, Justin and I had fun opening his presents for him and showing him what he got. We were able to catch a few smirks and silly smiles from him as we opened his gifts.

My new running outfit...yes, I am going to try to take up running. Even if I only get to the end of the block, at least I will have on a cute outfit!

Justin's new overcoat

Pierce and his stocking

Like a true McCord...look at all those clothes

Pierce's new play aquarium

Opening gifts with mom

Duncan and his new rhino