Wednesday, May 29, 2013

memorial day weekend

our friends, matt and jocelyn, invited us our her parent's lake house for memorial day weekend. it was a perfect combination of fun and relaxing. there is something to just being out at the lake - it is peaceful and fun all wrapped up in one. our kids loved it out there - they love the freedom to run around in their swimsuits and to have no actual plans.  it was a perfect beginning to summer.

pierce and justin were up early both mornings ready to fish
so excited.  can't stand it.
pierce's catch of the morning.
an upset sister because she couldn't get a fish.  so dramatic.
evie and stella spent lots of time playing with dolls and strollers.

a little lake swim time.
my boys.
the girls.
love her so much.
captain pierce
our family of 4.
so very thankful.
what a perfect weekend.

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Parker and Janet said...

I laughed out loud at Stella crying bc of no fish. That is so much like Brynlee!!! Love her!