Monday, March 04, 2013

grad school.

grad school...master's in adminstration.
it has always been something i have wanted to do.
and God made it clear - through many different things - that now is the time for me.

so, last week i officially started.
i am doing an all online program through lamar university.
and the best part, i am doing it with a friend.
so very thankful that God has brought along Lindsey.
she is such a blessing and a great study partner.

so the Starbucks in frisco is getting a lot of my business.
and i am up way later than usual.
but...i am loving it!
(just one little break down so far.)

i am so excited for this new journey.
i can't wait to see where God is going to take me after it is all done.


The Links said...

Good for you!! I can't even imagine going back to school after all these years of being out! BUT we need more experienced teachers in administration. There are too many principals who just have the minimum amount of teaching required before admin and they just don't get some of the stuff teachers deal with because they weren't teachers long enough. Off my soap box! Ha!! Anyways, good luck with school!!

Anonymous said...

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