Monday, March 25, 2013

a BIG girl weekend

well our little missy is offically a BIG girl.
she's now in panties and a big girl bed.
maybe it wasn't the most ideal to make both big changes on the same weekend, but she handled them both like a champ.
her teachers at school said she was ready to be potty trained, so we bought the panties.
and pawpaw was in town and helped daddy convert the crib = a big girl bed.

since they had been working at school with the whole potty thing, that change was pretty easy.  she has even worn panties out to dinner twice and all day at church on sunday.  so, we are pretty set there.  still have to remind her to go, but she does.
and her big girl bed....
i didn't have a mattress or sheets, but i quickly found some stuff.
she loves the little pink and green ladybugs.
we are 2 nights and 2 naptimes down and i can say she has transitioned well.
i can't believe my littlest love is in a big girl bed...

1 comment:

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