Sunday, December 05, 2010

My 5...

It all started on Thursday night when I was watching the Heat/Cavs game with my hubby and our sweet friends from San Diego, Ryan and Julie. Charles Barkley was commentating the half time show and I made the comment, "He would totally be invited to my dinner with 5 famous people because he is so stinkin' funny."

And then Justin posed the question....What 5 LIVING people would you invite to dinner if you could have dinner with anyone? (spouses prohibited)

After thinking for 24 hours, we all had to give our list at dinner on Friday night. Now I will admit, my list is NOT deep - and kinda random - but here are my 5 LIVING people that I would love to have dinner with: Charles Barkley, Paul Pierce, Ryan Seacrest, Brian Williams, and Lee Corso

Justin's list: David Letterman, Larry Bird, Paul McCartney, Ari Fleischer, Matt Lauer
Julie's list: Oprah, Osama bin Laden, George W Bush, Christian Amanpour, Billy Graham
Ryan's list: Mel Brooks, Nancy Regan, Jerry Rice, Billy Graham, Warren Buffet

Who would you invite??

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