Thursday, August 04, 2011

the hall's come to texas.

what a perfect way to begin the month of august...matt, kendra, and macie came for a visit!

it was a 'quick' visit - they were here for 3 days and we crammed in as much as possible during those 3 days. and we savored our night time visits after the kids went to bed. i am so thankful for these sweet friends and especially thankful for the opportunity to get to spend some time with them. here's a peek into our fun fun fun days!

we spent time at the pool - trying to cool off from this out of control weather.

pierce and macie enjoyed lots of popsicles outside in the backyard - without shirts, of course.

we went to jumpstreet. and the kids loved the trampolines and bounce house slides.

we had a mini surprise dinner at hard 8 bbq.
it was so much fun to see our favorite bluebonnet people.

we went to the indoor safari park.
and my mom and luke even joined in on the fun.

we enjoyed a yummy dinner at babe's.

we ate popcorn and watched movies in our jammies.

we played with brady at stonebriar.
and ate chick-fil-a, of course.
and got to ride the merry go round.

we made frozen hot chocolate for a snack.

we enjoyed bath time.
and time in our jammies.

i am so thankful for our full 3 days. it went too fast and yes, there were tears as we said good-bye, but i'm thankful none the less for our visit.
we love you guys! thanks for making us part of your vacation.
and we promise to get up to wisconsin soon - after all the snow has come and gone. :)

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