Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you for your service.

It's weird to think that Pierce and Stella will never know a pre 9/11 life. There will always be security checks before getting on planes, there will never be twin towers for them to visit, in essence their lives will forever be different than what my pre 9/11 life was like.

Pierce loves fireman and thinks the world of them. And Justin and I thought it would only be appropriate on this 10 anniversary of 9/11 to thank the firemen at the station that we pass on so many days. We baked them some muffins (we were out of cookie mix), wrapped them up, and headed to thank them. The first time we went they were out helping someone, so P and Justin went back to see them after dinner.

Pierce wore his newly acquired Halloween costume - a fireman of course - to see some of his most favorite people. The firemen were so nice to him and even let him 'drive' the fire truck.
Thank you firemen (and many others) for serving our community so unselfishly.

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Leslie Kvasnicka said...

I LOVE the fireman costume! What a fun experience for Pierce!!