Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas day...

i love christmas day.
even all the craziness of it all.

i was up before my kids this year.
i couldn't wait for pierce to wake up and see his train table.
and he was a little unsure about it at first (even though he has been talking about it since last january) and soon he couldn't get enough. and little miss stella just went with the flow - playing with her toys (a push toy and a real cabbage patch kid) and the train table.
we headed over to ma and bob's house for christmas there too.
pierce and stella of course hit the jackpot there.
(but so did justin and i :) )
and our last stop of the day was ... keller.
here we got to celebrate with justin's family.
kevin, of course, out did himself with an amazing italian feast.
and the kids were once again spoiled rotten.
a pair of pink TOMS for stella!
and a worn-out, but extremely blessed, mccord family.

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