Thursday, February 23, 2012

thursday's thoughts

just a few thoughts for this thursday.
mainly so i won't forget these sweet memories.

enjoyed her first ice cream cone tonight.
and LOVED it.
talks all.the.time.
still loves bathtime.
and loves her pink dude.
a lot. just like her brother.
and pierce:
is absolutely lovin' this warm, spring-like weather.
he enjoyed some sweet playtime yesterday with his bestie, brady.
these 2 are so funny together - i love their friendship.
he is always makin' me smile.
he is his father's son.
so, p's new thing is to play teacher.
and it cracks me up.
he mimics all the things his teacher says during the day.
this is him being the teacher...
we are working on not scribbling...
pretty good for a 3 year, i think.
i am continually amazed with what p is learning at school.
he knows his letters, can count to 20, recites the months of the year, and so much more. last night we were hanging out and he just started saying the pledge to the american flag. what?!?!?! justin and i were so surprised and say the least.
i am not going to lie - there are plenty of moments/hours/days when having a 3 year old and a 1 year old are hard. but there are so many more moments when it is wonderfully fun. i love each new phase - each new learning adventure - each smile and laugh.
thankful for these 2.

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