Saturday, March 24, 2012

it all began as a science lesson.

yesterday while teaching science, i had a moment. one of those moments where you are stopped in your tracks. and you can't forget it.

i was teaching my students about the phases of the moon and we were watching an animation of the earth rotating and the moon revolving around the spinning earth. and it hit me - we are living on a sphere that is rotating on an axis. as it rotates around a burning ball, the sun. while a moon revolves around it. what?!?!? how is that even possible???

God. it is all possible because of the awesome, amazing God we serve. he knows what he is doing and he always has. i continued my science lesson without stopping, but i can't get that silly little picture out of my head. and i think God put it there for a reason. i needed to see it. i needed to be reminded that HE is in control.

as i pray through some big decisions for our family, he is in control. as i pray for dear friends who are in the midst of an adventure like none other , he is in control. as i pray for friends who are in the midst of a wait, he is in control. my God is in control. and he knows what is best and he knows how each story will finish. what comfort. what peace.

and how special that the same God that makes the earth spin around on a axis (while spinning around the sun), cares about me. and cares so much about me that he gave me these 2 precious little ones to share each day with.

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