Thursday, May 31, 2012

if they could speak.

if the walls of bluebonnet elementary could speak, they would tell the story of a college graduate looking for her first job.  they would explain how this baylor bear was welcomed to the bluebonnet bear family a part of the 4th grade team 8 years ago.
they would say tell the story of this first year teacher struggling to figure out how to be a teacher.  and how she figured out what she was doing with the help of some very special friends and teammates.
they would tell how this teacher learned how to balance marriage, work, and being a mommy - all while keeping a smile on her face as she taught her 'other 20 kids' each day.  these walls would tell of the tears they saw, the laughter they heard, the sweaty 4th grade bodies after recess that it smelled, and the feelings of accomplishment that was felt in this room.
if this door could talk, it would tell of all the morning and afternoon hugs that were given each day.  it would even tell of the teacher pow-wows that were held right outside of it. :)
if the cabinets in this room could talk, they would tell all about the 8 years worth of 'stuff' that was piled high on and in it.
and if this teacher could say anything to these walls, she would say thank you.  thank you for teaching me.  thank you for loving me.  thank you for accepting me.  thank you for making me the teacher that i am today.  thank you.
and although this teacher is overwhelmed with thought of not being within these walls when school starts in august, this teacher could not be more excited for the new adventure that God has so perfectly orchestrated for the next chapter in my teaching career.  thank you Jesus for answering my prayer to work closer to home next year.  and thank you anderson elementary for welcoming me into your family for next school year.

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Paige Code said...

So this made me totally cry !!!!