Friday, October 12, 2012

the state fair.

last weekend we headed to the state fair with justin's parents. 
they had never been to the fair and pierce was so excited to show b and pawpaw all that the fair has to offer.
we ate our way through the fair, rode lots of rides, saw the animals, and had a blast.
 Big Tex
the petting zoo.
stella might have eaten the animal feed.  :)
 checking out the kids farm.
 the kids favorite part was:
 the midway. 
 watching their faces on the rides was priceless.
 and pierce won a prize.
his very own green latern.
so proud.
 and we may or may not have run into a celebrity!!
 justin saw him first.  he asked if i could take a picture with him.
he was so nice.  he thought p and s were sweet.
he was...jesse metcalfe
 fried watermelon with pawpaw
 checking out the trucks

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