Thursday, February 14, 2013

a trip to the ER

It was like any other night trying to get P asleep in bed. It's always an ordeal. Just takes him a while to fall asleep. He was waiting on Justin to come sing his songs and I was in our room.  Apparently he was doing some exercises in his bed....

And then I heard it. A scream that I had never heard before. It was loud. And kinda scary.

I headed into his room, only to find h running towards to mine. I picked him up and turned the light on. Once the light was on I saw the blood. A lot of it. All over his back. Covering his shirt.

I rushed him to the bathroom to get a towel and to tell Justin we needed to take him to the hospital.

After rushing around, we hopped in the car and raced to Children's in Frisco.

I jumped out of the car and checked him in the ER. He had stopped crying by now, but was a little apprehensive about the whole situation.

After waiting for 30ish minutes, we got called back to a room. The doctor came in and checked it out. He recommended a staple, so a staple it was going to be.

They put numbing gel on the spot for a while. And then the doctor came back in with a staple gun. One quick snap, and P's head was stapled back. He did cry during that part, but he was so brave about it all.

He really hasn't missed a beat since it happened. He doesn't want anyone to touch it, but he loves showing it off. Such a boy.

Thankful for amazing doctors and nurses and a gracious God for watching out over my peanut.

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