Thursday, July 11, 2013

the beach: day 1

sunday was our first full day at the beach. 
and in true pierce form, my sweet son was up early. 
at home it would be before the sun came up, but here at the beach the sun is already out. 

my mom and dad took him down to the beach for an early morning play because he just "needed" to be in the sand.  and we need to get our beach chairs for the week.

once everyone was up, we all headed back to the beach.
and sweet stella just wanted to be with the big boys.
grandad and the boys got started on a sand castle as soon as we got out there.

and even though are at the beach, the pool is a big hit.

sunday night, we headed to the candy store.
we found this little gem last year with the leaches.
the kids all filled a bag to snack on all week.

what a fun day one.  thankful for 5 more.

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