Sunday, August 11, 2013

the greastest show on earth.

last week we surprised the kids with a trip to the circus.
we got there early to see all the clowns up close....
and needless to say...they weren't fans of being so close.
but we did manage a family pic.
everyone was all smiles when we got to our seats.
and when they asked for a snow cone... i said sure.
and then i realized they were $12 each.
oh well....
they did come in these cool elephant cups.

and then the circus started.
and for the most part, they were glued to the action.

the lions and tigers were my favorite part.
so cool.
and crazy that the lion tamer didn't seem phased at all.

pierce's favorite part was the motorcyles in the cage at the end.
he is still talking about them.
what a fun family night out.

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