Sunday, September 15, 2013

the doc is in

one of my kids favorite characters right now is doc mcstuffins.
the doctor to the stuffed animals.

last week she was in fort worth with her doc mobile.
and i surprised the kids by picking them up early and taking them on an adventure.
it was so much fun.

we meet bella, kate, and brynlee at cfa and then headed to fort worth.
when we got there we handed the kids their stuffed animals and told what we were up to.
and they were sooooo excited.

here they are...ready to see doc.
apparently lots of people had the same idea as us.
we had to wait.
but thankfully we were at the museum.
so we ventured through the museum while we waited our turn.

it was soooo hot outside and doc took lots of breaks to come in and cool off.
we may or may not have stalked her in order to get a picture.
taking a snack break.
i absolutely loved spending an afternoon with my kids.
and it was finally our turn.
working on their stuffed animals...
more stalking... :)
but it worked. 
such a fun afternoon.

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