Tuesday, April 08, 2014


just a few Instagram pics from lately....
this is really how i document our days.

a sweet note and morning coffee "pick me up" from my hubby

an after school treat at rita's one day.

we are trying to get our house on the market - more on that later - but these are the types of things you find when "de-cluttering"

a fun patio celebration for justin's birthday with some our favorite people

oh sweet stella bella....you didn't have all of these accessories when we put you in bed....but you love to find them all before falling asleep.

my 10th testing season has begun....
two tests down, and one more to go

the little mermaid went to dinner with us last week.
isn't she adorable?!?!

mom and i took stella flower girl dress shopping this past weekend.
to say she loved it would be an understatement.
this girl was meant for a big, twirly dress.
the other night justin was out with his buddies and i was able to get both get kids in bed by 7:10pm. this never happens....and i so loved my quiet time

a little national championship basketball watching with my pierce

the anderson running club meets on tuesday after school and since i am done with tutoring i was able to join them today after school.  i got to run with one of my homeroom kids and loved it.  he is crazy fast and a crazy runner, but he graciously stayed with me the whole 2 miles.  i can't wait til next week!

the boys went out for a guy's night so......
we went for a girl's night.
nails and dinner with this little love of mine.

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