Tuesday, September 02, 2014

first day of kindergarten.

well, the first day of kindergarten for pierce has come and gone.
the first week actually. {told you i was way behind on blogging}

how is he already in kindergarten? 
i mean, sometimes it feels like he is more than ready, and other times i feel like he is still be little.  

we made it.
not just made it.
we loved it.
he loved it.
and he was {is} ready to go back tomorrow morning.

not the best pre school pic.
but here are both of my love bugs.

pierce in front of anderson.
our school.
he was so excited....and maybe a little bit hesitant.

this is the best thing ever.
being at his school. with him
and i didn't check on him too much....just a couple times the first day. 

class of 2027.

with dad at his kindergarten desk.

i somehow managed not to get a pic with his sweet teacher, mrs. biddle.  but we do love her and are so thankful for the way that she loves pierce and encourages him each day.

pierce, we love you and are so very proud of you.

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