Monday, December 15, 2014


we did it.
lindsey and i graduated with our master's.
when we started back in February of 2013, i wasn't sure what we were doing.
but 18 months later we had finished our degree.
and i passed the principal's certification test.
and on december 13th, we walked across the stage.
we had done it.
while working full time, being a mom, and wife and friend,
we did it.

we were so excited and shocked to find out we were sitting right behind each other.
it was perfect.  

i honestly could not have done it without this friend.
we were close when we started, but i had no idea how close we would become.
thank you sweet friend for being you - and for encouraging me along this journey.

our sweet families came with us to graduation.
it was so much fun all celebrating together!

on the way home we stopped at the sam houston statue.
it was a nice little pit stop.
and that statue is huge!

what a fun weekend getaway celebrating my graduation.  thankful for my sweet hubby who took up a lot of my slack during the 18 months.  he is the best and i am so thankful for him.

i am excited to see where God takes me with this degree.
trusting Him through my professional journey.
and thankful this chapter is done.  :)

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