Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ice storm...

only winter in texas will it go from a weekend of 65-70 degree temperatures to wind chills in the single digits 2 days later....

with an ice storm (that woke me up on monday night) to rolling power outages today, this winter weather is quite crazy.

it is way too icy to try to drive the car and definitely too cold to get out with a newborn (temps below freezing for 84 hours in a row), so we have been hanging out at our house in our jammies all day.

p is starting to get a little stir crazy and i am desperate for a large drink from either sonic or chick-fil-a, but i think we will have to wait a couple more days to brave the outside world.

spring...we are ready for you!

building a fort with daddy.

a new place to hang out.

using the bumbo as a pretend 'potty' and doing 'work' at the same time.
justin calls this making good use of time...

pierce showing interest in stella

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