Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 months

our little miss is 3 months old today.
i can. not. believe it.
where has the time gone??
she is still doing wonderfully on her schedule.
however, she is an early riser - like her brother.
taking great naps.
eating 6 5oz bottles each day.
she is 'talking' more.
is so attentive - loves to watch everything around her.
has a precious smile and cute little laugh.
she enjoys tummy time.
is really close to rolling over.
she is our little sunshine and we love her soooo much!!


Elizabeth said...

she is just beautiful! :) sweet sweet girl! happy three months!

Kendra said...

Gosh, I love her. SO precious. I can't believe it's already been TWO months since we were there on her 1 month birthday! tear.