Sunday, October 09, 2011

whatever it takes.

I sometimes find myself doing things that I always said I won't do.
It's the nature of being a mom.

A few weeks ago, Stella was dedicated at church. And after church we went to lunch.
I don't know about your almost 3 year old, but with my sweet children it is often better to just head home after church instead of trying to fight the crowds and the late nap that follows.

Well...Stella's Sunday proved to be no different. By the end of lunch, P was done. It was time for his nap. He wasn't being terrible, but definitely ready to leave.

So Justin let P "take some pictures" and everyone helped by making funny faces for P to take a picture of. He thought it was so much fun! And it bought us a little more time at the table.

Happy FUNNY FACE Day to you!!

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