Tuesday, September 04, 2012

labor day and pierce's first fish story.

we enjoyed a little get-away to becky's parents' lake house this past weekend. and it was a perfect 24 hours away.

we didn't tell pierce where we were going.  he thought we were headed to just go fishing.  little did he know we were headed out to brady's grandparents' house.  the lake house, the boat, the running around, the swimming, the fishing...it was all so much fun.

and pierce was in heaven.  he loved it.

in true form, pierce was up early on monday morning and ready to fish.  he and justin headed out to the dock to try their hand at fishing.

after a while and a few drops of the fishing line into the water, pierce caught his first fish!

and not long after, he caught #2.

sweet sister enjoyed "the net" - the hammock

can you tell that pierce loved the boat rides?!?!

"driving" the boat with mr. jeff
thank you big daddy and nana for a great time at the lake.
we had a blast!!

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