Sunday, September 23, 2012

plano balloon festival

saturday morning we got up early.
really early. 
like before the sun early.
we headed out to the plano balloon festival to meet some special friends.
we made it to the park right before the sun came up.
and just in time to see the hot air balloons blow up and launch.
the kids ran around, ate donuts, and enjoyed the balloons.

the sun rise was beautiful.
and the hot air balloons were very neat.

it was early - notice justin's tired eyes - but worth it.

so pretty.

after most of the balloons had launched, we headed on the field to get a closer look at the ones still on the ground.  it was neat to see them up close, however the kids weren't big fans of the fire blowing into the balloons.

it was a fun fall morning with our sweet friends!

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