Wednesday, July 02, 2014

palm springs.

the desert was so much fun.
really hot. 
but really really fun.

kerri had a great set-up for us.
a perfect condo for all of us.
we just hung out and swam for 3 days.
we laughed, caught up, loved on each other's kids.
and just truly enjoyed being together.

our kids hit it off.
i mean - they loved each other.
and it was such a blessing.
you would have never known that they hadn't met before.

this sweet little pair - carson and stella
we are trying to work out this relationship.  :)

the second day, pierce and justin went to padres game, so kerri and i wrangled the other three.

these 2 are too funny together.
they are both stubborn and independent.
but so cute.
stella and cade.

i really think these 2 ate the whole time we were at the pool.
and they always shared.  :)

and this is one of my favorite pictures.
kerri and my little girl.
they loved each other.  

a special treat was that kerri's parents came up for a visit.
and my kids loved them too.  
such a sweet picture.  

after dinner the last night, we went for a night swim.

before we headed to san diego, we tried to grab a couple pics of the kids.
luckily this wasn't good-bye since we had plans to meet up on Friday before we drove back to Texas.

so very thankful for this visit.
it was perfect.
and wonderful.

our sweet family.

after the desert, we headed to san diego for more adventures.  :)

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