Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Is...

my peanut's laugh . watching the sun rise over the ocean . fountain drinks . being an aunt and an aunt to be . family dinners . a day of shopping with my mom . talking baby stuff with my sister . a good run with my running buddies . a good talk with my accountability partner . a date night with my forever everyday valentine . destin pointe room 401 . a chick fil a drink run during conference period . knowing that pierce is as happy as can be at maralee's each day . getting a 'you're my favorite teacher picture' from a student . getting my people magazine in the mail each friday afternoon . a good phone talk with a far away friend . snuggling with duncan and a good book during naptime . a sweet note from justin . being married to my best friend . a sweet hug/kiss from p . getting a text from my mom or dad . getting an unexpected long weekend . knowing that i am unconditionally loved by the creator of the universe

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