Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Real Snow Day

Today started like any other weekday - my alarm going off at 5:00am. Since there was suppose to be some snow, I turned on the TV before I got out of bed, hoping that just maybe school would be canceled. I watched as live beautiful snow pictures flash across the screen and the news anchors said, "There have been no school closing reported." Bummer, I thought. So I got out of bed and continued with my morning routine, every once in awhile checking the TV. Around 6:00am there was news that some school districts west of here closed, but nothing around here. So, I continued getting stuff together for P and I to leave soon. And as I laid Pierce on his changing table, my phone rang with the news that school was cancelled for the day! So, the comfy clothes went back on and we have been snuggled inside all morning.

It wouldn't be a ''snow day" if there wasn't a little playing in it, right?!?! Pierce and I headed out this morning and had a good little time. He was fascinated by all the white stuff on the ground and falling all around him. Needless to say, he wasn't super excited about going back in.

back inside and wishing we were outside...

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Paige said...

oH my goodness......HOW fun!!!!
But could you imagine bundling up our littles ones EVERYDAY .....It's a workout, isn't it?