Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boys will be boys...

Just a quick little post so I can remember...

There is just something about boys and bottom noises. Toots. Justin has always (as long as I have known him) thought that toots/farts are funny.

He has asked me on more than one occasion what I thought the reaction of a caveman was upon the first time they broke wind.

I, on the other hand, think they are just a part of life and not necessarily something to talk about or discuss.

In the past month, Justin has taught Pierce to laugh everytime he toots or hears one. While playing today, Pierce let out a little toot and he got really tickled. He just started laughing and couldn't stop. Then of course I started laughing too. All because of a little toot.

Boys will be boys.

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Dave and Tara Harris said...

Oh my!!! Joanna, I honestly don't know what on earth I will do if this next baby is a boy!!!! I am just not used to "boy" things! I mean, I will absolutely love him and adore him, but to be perfectly honest, it scares me a bit!!! Although, Dave already tries to corrupt Kate with "boy" things already!!! haha He always plays rough with her and calls her poops "doodoo". And she also laughs at tooting, so I guess there really isn't too much to be worried about if I have a boy!! LOL Pierce is so adorable! I would probably have to laugh at a toot too!!!