Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wee bits of irish

"There once was a boy who loved him some green.
Chasing the leprechaun's gold he could often be seen.
He knew he could find it but he kept getting stuck.
Come over and help and bring some good luck!"

in honor of st. patty's day, pierce had some of his favorite little friends over to play. we had a great time eating yummy green food and playing outside.

so ready for his friends to get here
enjoying a yummy cookie
sweet sydney
brady enjoying his cookie
i love his picture - it looks like he is playing an air guitar!
sweet girls in the wagon - look at harper's pigtails
macie and pierce and their 'sham rocker' shirts
pierce and kate
me and my wee bit of irish


Dave and Tara Harris said...

Those are such sweet pictures! I love it! It was such a beautiful day out yesterday too for yall to have an outdoor playdate!

Ashley said...

We had such a fun time! Thanks again for having us over & being such great hosts! :)