Thursday, October 28, 2010

the robot shoe

I am sure this will be our first of many trips to get an x-ray...

On Sunday night, P was running around. When he fell, I honestly didn't think anything about it. He is a 2 year old boy who runs all the time and is always falling over. When he wouldn't get up and started crawling, I thought something might be wrong. He continued to not want to put any weight on it and when he started walking on Monday afternoon, he had a funny little wobble. After a few days of watching him, we decided to take him to a pediatric orthopedic doctor. The doctor x-rayed his leg and determined that it is likely that Pierce fractured his leg and it had already started to heal on its own. In order to 'slow him down' and help protect the healing process, he put P in a walking boot. And in order to make it more fun, we have nicknamed it "The Robot Shoe."

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The Richwine Family said...

Poor little guy! Hope it gets better soon!