Tuesday, July 12, 2011

family reunion: sweetwater style

this past weekend we headed out west for justin's mom's family reunion.
it was hot hot hot, but we had a great time.
there was lots of yummy pot-luck food and plenty for all the kids to do.
the entrance to the barn
pierce and will wasted no time getting down to the pond for fishing
little miss hillary joined in the fishin' fun
pierce and justin enjoyed a little boat ride
stella and i on the porch under the misters
water toys also served the purpose of hydrating...
this was my favorite part.
the 5 sisters and 1 brother (all dressed in solid shirts with their birth order on them) did a little dance to "we are family." since their mom and dad both died at a very early age, they were all responsible for keeping the family together and they have done a great job of it. i loved loved loved seeing them up there together - it was like getting a little sneak peek into their childhood.
eatin' with pawpaw
our family.
sue's part of the the family.
kevin, heather, hillary, gram, stella, will, pawpaw, pierce, justin, and joanna
not even 2 mintues down the road and both kids were sound asleep.
lots of soap to get all cleaned up.
back to being silly pierce!
sue - you guys did a fabulous job with the reunion! it was the perfect combination of family, food, fun, and sun! thank you for putting it all together. we enjoyed getting to celebrate the legacy of your parents.

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