Friday, July 29, 2011

say what?

Just a few of the (funny) things that P says .... so I can remember, of course.
  • "Follow Me" - this might be his most frequent phrase. anytime he wants me to come with him, he says it and does this really cute hand motion.
  • "Talk" - while reading books, this is what he says when he is ready for me to read the words to him.
  • "My teetee is night night." - he told me this today while trying to go potty before naptime. apparently his teetee had already gone nightnight and wasn't coming out.
  • "New One" - he says this in reference to anything that isn't just like the one (of anything) he is use to.
  • "Daddy, run with Bobby?" - everyday when justin gets home from work, p asks him if he ran with bobby today at work.
  • "Play soccer with me." - since soccer is one of his most favorite things to do, this too a frequent sentence (or demand at times) at our house.
  • "What doing, mommy?" - his version of what are you doing. and he asks it all the time.
  • "I do it." - essentially telling me not to help, he can do it.
  • "I tell HoHo." - he has started saying this lately when he finds something he wants. he is going to tell HoHo aka Santa. :)
  • "I love you baby Stell (mommy/daddy too)." - melt my heart.
It might appear that he only says short little phrases, but don't be fooled. He talks all the time and most of the time it is very loud. I wonder where he gets that from?? :)

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