Tuesday, July 05, 2011

our 4th of July weekend...

our 4th of july weekend was perfect.
a few fun activities balanced out with some perfect family time.
we are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate our freedom.

saturday we headed out to frisco freedomfest and then to the fc dallas game.
pierce and noah enjoyed the bounce houses, train ride, and fire trucks - the rest of us were sweating uncontrollably and couldn't get to the air conditioner quick enough. :)
the soccer game didn't start til after P's bedtime so he was already tired, but he did great. he watched the whole game and then actually enjoyed the fireworks!
stella slept through the whole soccer game, but woke up as the fireworks were going off.

on sunday, pierce and i made some cookies.

sunday night we celebrated evie's 1st birthday!

on monday the 4th we headed out the city of plano parade.
pierce loved the parade and waving his flag.
happy 4th of july!

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