Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the hero next door.

You know when they say "It's just a phase?"

Around here... right now... we're not so sure.

In Pierce's eyes:

He is Fireman Sam (the hero next door). Mommy is Elvis (Sam's bumbling companion). Daddy is Station Officer Steele (the mustachioed man in charge). Stella is Penny (the one that flies the helicopter). And Dunc is the fireman puppy.

It's not just that.

Our home is the firestation. Mommy's car is the firetruck. Daddy's is the helicopter, or the ambulance, depending on the day.

Pierce wants to wear his fireman boots and hat to the store, no matter the time. We've even happened upon real firemen at Kroger, who loved to see their understudy decked out.

Speaking of the store--the grocery cart is also a firetruck--one that requires riding on the side so we can get down and get to the fires quicker.

"Hey Elvis!" is his favorite way of getting Mommy's attention and has even been heard in the middle of the night when he wants Mommy to come in and see him.

And he insists on Daddy parking the "ambulance" in the garage backwards for a "quick get- a- way."

We love our little hero. His creativity (and dedication to staying in character) makes our hearts smile. Even when we are referred to as Elvis in them middle of Target.

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