Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a red plate, a curly headed walker, and some new grading pens.

It has been quite the past couple weeks around here.
Busy. Chaotic. Full of illness. And exciting new things.

Last Monday Justin started a new job at Stratmark - an advertising agency that works primarily with non profit organizations. It has only been a week and a half, but he loves it! He has been assigned to a few projects and is already getting busy working on them. We are so excited for this new opportunity. On his 2nd day, we celebrated him. Dinner was his choice, and he got to eat it on the "You are Special Today" red plate.
The reason we had to celebrate him on day 2 was because little miss Stella came down with RSV on Monday. We had to give her breathing treatments every 2 hours the first day and then every 4 hours the next 2 days and then every 6 the last 2 days. Boy do breathing treatments make me tired. Needless to say, she is all well and can now be called a "walker." She choses to walk all the time now and it just might be the cutest thing ever.
And new grading pens for me!
What teacher doesn't just love some office supplies?
And fun pens just might be the best "office supply" out there.
With Stella having RSV and then P getting strep throat and mommy missing days of school, my grading has piled up. So those fun new grading pens are about to get some serious work. :)

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Jamie said...

I always loved getting new grading pens! It's the small things :)
Every now and then, when I go to Target, I have to check and see if they got any new pens that I might need. :)