Saturday, January 07, 2012

new year. new beginnings.

happy twenty-twelve.
here are my sweet little ones.
love them.
i love how God works - gives you changes, that you weren't expecting. and then like He does, He makes them great changes.

pierce and stella started a new school on january 2nd and have transitioned amazingly. both of their teachers have commented each day how impressed they are with how well they are doing. our decision to switch daycares was a quick decision and a decision that i knew would be the best for them. and God has been so faithful through this transition.

and today marks justin's last day working at fc dallas. we have been praying for some time for God to open up a door for justin and He did just that. on january 16, justin will begin a new job at stratmark - an advertising agency that works with nonprofit organizations. he is so excited about this next chapter and i am excited for him.

as we start this new year, i am so very thankful for God's faithfulness - in the big things and the little things. i am excited to see what other changes this year might hold and how God works each of them for His glory.

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